We are premium service Web Presence Providers (WPP) not to be confused with Internet Service Providers (ISP). The key word being "premium". How do we mean this? Premium WPP means that we provide everything you need to achieve a world-class web presence. It also means that for some things you may pay a bit more than you do at a cut-rate bulk supplier.

One example is Domain Names. We all know that there are places on the Internet that compete with each other to who can be the biggest, fastest, cheapest etc. And if that's what you want great - but cheapest is not always best. Neither is most expensive in many cases. We believe that paying fair market value for your services is generally the best course of action. With most of the cut-date suppliers you have to self manage your domain name, with us we do it for you. With us they'll never be panic when you can't find your password - we'll know ours.

DD&H SERVICES is a young company. That is to say that we were founded in 2005. However all of us at DD&H have years of experience. Our founder, John Vickers, has been building web sites since 1997 formerly for Windrush Marketing Ltd. which closed it's doors in the fall of 2004. Our lead programmer began programming as a child, winning contests in his early teens, developed a passion for programming that continues today. Network Systems manager trained in early 1998 and is a highly respected network manager today at some of Victoria's premier businesses.

At DD&H SERVICES we discuss every project with our clients, we set milestones and involve the clients as much as we can in their projects. This is not a high pressure, high output factory and none of our staff are paid on commission. We are about building solid business relationships with our clients. We approach our task as though we are in partnership with our clients because when our clients succeed we all succeed.


In August 2007 we added our own Linux hosting site - eCANhosting.net This is not a premium service site. We entered into this to add a competitive service to those who can do virtually everything themselves. Unlike DD&H SERVICES site virtually everything offered here is automated. The only time you'll get a personal response here is from our capable support team.

It's a changing world out there and we decided to participate in this market niche as well.

We pride ourselves on service excellence every stage of your project.

John Vickers
dba: DD&H SERVICES & eCANhosting.net




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