"If you can imagine it, we create, host and / or manage it"


Ever think of having your own website but you weren't sure where to start? We'll get your professionally-designed website up and running in no time. And that's not all, your website will be powered by our first-class content management system, meaning you will never have to worry about hundreds of HTML changes and FTP uploads.

Single Page or Section: for $149, we can give you complete control over a single page or section of your website, such as your company info page or team schedule, news, press releases etc.

Website Bundles: from just $649 - your whole website powered by our easy-to-use web-based content management system. Even the most complex sites often fall within our $1249 "Advanced Site Bundle".

  • Existing website - If you already have a website, we'll configure the project to your needs and existing design. No more manual updates or waiting ages for your "web guy" to take care of it.

  • New website - We can launch a new site that features your brand-new design, or even include your choice of professional design from a template vendor.

Custom or Consulting services: For $90 per hour (timed), our product specialists can help you get the most from the software. Typical custom projects include:

  • Upgrades & Server Moves

  • Google Adsense or Analytics

  • Comments or Favorites scripts

  • Telephone training / walkthrough

  • Google Maps

  • RSS Feeds


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June 27, 2009

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